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“Nuts and Bolts of Gifted Education” Conference (with an Emphasis on Technology Integration) is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, at the OAISD Educational Services Buildingin Holland, MI.  The conference will deliver exactly what’s advertised and that is a primer for all teachers who have gifted students in their classrooms and are struggling to make sure those students are challenged on a daily basis.  Plus, a track for parents on how to create an education plan for your student. With all that’s expected of today’s teacher and parent, developing strategies and techniques for this group of learners often takes a back seat to other challenges clamoring to be met. Registration link

Save the date for the next Fall Gifted conference:

October 10, 2015 

Creating a Joyful Culture for Gifted Learning at Michigan State University, Lansing, MI.

To suggest speakers or vendors email MAGCConference2015@gmail.com.

Featured speakers include Richard Sheridan and Dr. Ellen Fiedler. Pre-conference program for educators by Art Costa and Pat Wilson O’Leary and a program on Advocacy for parents.

To send in a proposal to present at the fall conference, you may fill out the Request for Proposals. To be a vendor at the fall conference, you can fill out Request for Vendors.

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The Michigan Association for Gifted Children provides the resources and the know-how to help parents and educators improve the lives of Michigan’s advanced and accelerated children. We are THE source of information, education, advocacy, and support for this diverse community of learners, and the adults who love them.


Our organization is all about gifted children and those who are concerned with them.

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Some of what our organization offers:

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  • Publication of our Images newsletter
  • Online forums for parents & educators
  • GT101 – a PowerPoint type presentation on the “basics” about gifted children and their education that you can use however you’d like
  • Conferences for educators and parents, with discounts for members
  • Programs and get-togethers for gifted children
    and their families
  • Local chapters
  • Advocacy at the state, local,
    and national levels
  • Access to online and print resources
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Mini-grants and scholarships for members

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