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Your gift will allow us to continue our advocacy for giftedness education.
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MAGC wants to give back to the community and you can help! Contribute now to the Dakota Jenkins Scholarship Endowment Fund and you can help a gifted student enjoy a summer experience they might not otherwise have funds for! Once our fund reaches $10,000, the proceeds will be used to fund scholarships for gifted youth. You can contribute NOW online or through the mail.

Contribute Directly to MAGC!

With the financial challenges facing the State of Michigan, our educational system faces serious budget shortfalls. Every day we hear about school districts that have had to severely cut back or eliminate programs for gifted children. This means that many of the estimated 90,000 gifted children across the state are no longer receiving the support and encouragement they need, or appropriate academic challenges that allow them to fully develop their unique abilities.

Now more than ever before, the work of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children to educate and support teachers, parents, and children is critically important in filling that gap. A gift from you now of $10, $25, or maybe even $50 or more will help us ensure that gifted children are not forgotten!

Here are some ways your gift will be put right to work, allowing us to:

  • Advocate for gifted education
  • Provide scholarships and grants for students and teachers to pursue a unique interest
  • Expand our on-line resources to better serve Michigan parents
  • Provide guidance and training for parents so they can effectively advocate for their children
  • Offer unique conferences and opportunities for continued learning at affordable rates
  • Help to offset the costs of providing speakers, literature, and consultation
  • Expand our direct support to gifted teachers and coordinators

If you would like your donation directed to a specific cause or interest, please let us know on your check or in an e-mail to

We cannot overemphasize the importance of each and every dollar. If you care about gifted children, or have ever been helped or inspired by a conference, resource, e-mail, or by one of our members personally consulting with you – please take a moment to support the continued efforts of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children.

You can contribute NOW online or through the mail.

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