For only $25 a year, you can join the Michigan Association for Gifted Children, connecting with teachers, administrators, parents and others concerned about the needs of gifted students from around Michigan.

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Your Member Benefits include:

  • Network for information on gifted and talented children and youth including separate online forums for educators and parents interested in gifted education in Michigan
  • Images newsletter, with articles and resources on gifted education, in depth information for use in your home or classroom
  • eImages online newsletter, with timely announcements on upcoming events, scholarship and grant information, and legislative updates
  • Discounts for conferences and events
  • A role in advocating for the needs of gifted and talented children

How does your membership make a difference?

A strong and growing membership ensures that the Michigan Association for Gifted Children will continue to provide:

  • Advocacy concerning the needs of gifted students
  • Conferences and workshops for parents and educators
  • Parent Leadership Training
  • Mini-grants and scholarships for students wishing to pursue advanced opportunities
  • Support for local chapters
  • Access to a volunteer speaker program for school and community
  • Information related to the nature and education of gifted students
  • Internet resources

MAGC Institutional Membership Special

Both current and new institutional members can now not only enjoy the benefits of MAGC for five staff members, who can share information widely among the entire staff, but also choose one of the following professional development workshops at HALF PRICE! MAGC will provide these sessions at your facility.

Professional Development Sessions:

1) Keeping All Students Engaged in Learning: Simple Strategies to Differentiate Curriculum and Instruction for High Achievers and Gifted Learners (Dr. Christie McWilliams)

Participants explore these critical questions:

  • What are the unique cognitive and affective characteristics of gifted learners?
  • How do gifted learners and high achievers differ?
  • How can teachers effectively differentiate curriculum and instruction for both gifted learners and high achievers?
  • What are some practical, easy activities teachers can use tomorrow that promote breadth, depth, and complexity?

About the Presenter:

Dr. Christie McWilliams has over a decade of experience teaching gifted and high-achieving students. She also has served as a school director, college instructor, and Michigan Association for Gifted Children board member. Christie holds an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a gifted education focus, and her ongoing, quantitative research focuses on teachers’ differentiated practices with gifted students in mixed-ability classrooms.

Price: 4 hours / $450 plus expenses (regularly $995)


2) Gifted and Technology (Kelley Senkowski)

Participants explore these critical questions:

  • Who are the gifted students?
  • Which characteristics and traits set them apart?
  • How does being gifted affect their learning needs?
  • How can we support their needs through technology integration?

About the Presenter:

Kelley Senkowski has been consulting over 12 years with educators, administrators, professionals, and parents on understanding and supporting the needs of gifted students. She brings both professional and personal experience to her profession, having five highly gifted children with varying learning disabilities. Kelley holds an M.Ed. in Educational Technology and specializes in how technology can be used to support the GT and GT/LD populations. She regularly presents at regional and state conferences and also has served on district, regional, and state boards, including past-president of Michigan Association for Gifted Children, past member of the Michigan Department of Education, and Early College Credit Earning Opportunity (ECCEO), Advisory Board under the Office of School of Improvement.

Price: 2 hours – half day / $150-$250 plus expenses (regularly $300-$500)

Contact: [email protected] /

3) Build-Your-Own Gifted Academy (Kelley Senkowski)

All workshops include title A. Then choose titles B – F to add one or more workshops for a one-, two-, or three-day academy:

    1. Understanding Gifted – social/emotional and academic characteristics
    2. Identifying Gifted – traits and testing: early childhood, school age, and adults
    3. Curriculum Strategies for Gifted Students – forms of acceleration, UDL, tiering lessons
    4. Gifted and Underachievement – how and why gifted students underachieve and strategies to help reverse it
    5. Integrating Technology for Gifted – how technology integration in curriculum can allow gifted students to engage and keep learning
    6. Gifted Special Populations – minority gifted, gifted with learning disabilities, gifted girls, bullying

Price: 1-6 hours / $150-$375 plus expenses (regularly $300-$750) / Per person=$50 per day, minimum 10 people per day (regularly $100 per day)

Contact: [email protected] /

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          • Think of friends or colleagues who might be interested in supporting gifted education
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          • Share information about the organization on a one-on-one or small group basis and speak about membership benefits from your own experience

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