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Our Story:

The Michigan Association for Gifted Children is a non-profit organization comprised of educators, parents, and other concerned individuals who are interested in expanding opportunities and advocating for the needs of Michigan children who are gifted and talented.

Our Mission:

The Michigan Association for Gifted Children (MAGC) provides leadership, advocacy, support, and services that assist families and educators in maximizing the potential of gifted and talented individuals.

Our MAGC Vision:

The Michigan Association for Gifted Children has a vision for Michigan’s diverse gifted and talented student population. This vision states:

Children with exceptional gifts and talents are present throughout Michigan, yet many remain unrecognized. Our vision is to support the discovery of these learners and the development of their personal potential, without limitations. Meeting the unique needs of gifted and talented students today will enhance the future of Michigan.

Actualizing this vision is not only vital for recognizing giftedness and developing talent among high potential students, but also for the impact it has on the education of all students and, ultimately for its impact on our nation.

Looking for a speaker, consultant, or therapist who specializes in gifted education? MAGC has compiled the following list of gifted education professionals willing to assist educators and families through professional development sessions, speaking engagements, individual or group consulting, and/or conference presentations. These leaders and advocates of gifted education are eager to connect you with high-quality experiences that best meet your needs.

MAGC Speaker List


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