GT101 An Overview of Gifted Education – a Ready-Made PowerPoint Type Show

GT101 is designed to be a ready-to-use PowerPoint type presentation for you to view for your own sake and to use in whatever ways would be most helpful to you. It is totally free of charge for you to download.

Besides being a useful tool for making presentations, GT101 can be valuable for anyone who wants or needs a good overview of gifted education for any reason. If you know of parents, school board members, administrators, counselors, or others who would benefit from their own self-study of gifted education, simply refer them to GT101 as a resource for them. Topics include the following:

  • A Definition & Characteristics
  • Identification
  • Program Strategies
  • Teachers,
  • Social/Emotional Needs
  • Resources.

The presentation provides up-to-date information on each topic, and each of the topics can be accessed in any order desired. Or, if you just want to check out a selected topic or perhaps a few topics, that’s built into the design of GT101, too.

If you would prefer to have someone from the Michigan Association for Gifted Children to present GT101 for you, simply contact us at [email protected]. We have speakers who can help.

Formats available:

GT 101 – Challenging Gifted Students (20 MB pdf version)
GT 101 – Challenging Gifted Students (20 MB QuickTime version)

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