Procedures for Affiliation and Renewal


STEP 1. A group of people within a local school district or designated geographical area decides to organize in order to become advocates for gifted education and for meeting the needs of gifted, talented, and creative children.

STEP 2. The group develops its own organizational procedures, AND/OR invites MAGC to provide assistance in organizing. The group contacts the President-Elect and its Regional Liaison BEFORE completing their application.

STEP 3. The group completes the necessary registration forms:

  • Chapter Group Registration (2 pages)
  • Annual Agreement for Affiliated Chapters
  • Financial Statement (annual report for renewing groups)
  • By-Laws (must follow within 3 months of affiliation)
  • EIN government form must be applied for upon application
  • Postcard filing with IRS required yearly done online
  • NOTE: As indicated on the Group Registration form, all officers must be members of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children.

Chapter By-Laws must include an article of dissolution, which reads as follows: “In the event of dissolution, all assets, real and personal, shall be distributed to such organizations as are qualified as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code – United States Internal Revenue Law.”

STEP 4. Prior to affiliation, members of the group’s executive board meet with members of the Association’s Executive Board (i.e., President-Elect, Regional Liaison, and/or other Board members). The purposes of the meeting are:

  1. to provide the new organization with helpful materials and experienced advice,
  2. to establish a supportive communication link between the groups, and
  3. to assure each other that each group’s goals, missions, and expectations mesh.

STEP 5. Upon receipt and approval of the appropriate registration forms, agreement, By-Laws, and monies, MAGC board votes to accept the new chapter, and then forwards a Letter of Recognition of Affiliation. The group is then chartered as a Chapter of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children. The Chapter receives official documentation of the Chapter’s status:

  • Letter of Recognition
  • Informational Page: Things All Chapter Officers Should Know
  • Certificate of Sales and Use Tax Exemption (read carefully) Renewal of affiliation each year will result in renewal of this documentation. Executive officers must also maintain membership in the Michigan Association for Gifted Children.

STEP 6. Maintenance of affiliation requires timely completion of all budget and information forms as required by law to maintain nonprofit status and yearly payment of Chapter dues as designated by the By-Laws of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children. Individual membership is not included in the renewal fee for Affiliation. The Chapter group year as of 2003 is from July 1 to June 30 of each year for tax reporting purposes. This is to coincide with the calendar year of MAGC.

RENEWAL ONLY—The Annual Agreement for Affiliated Chapters and Financial Statement are required EACH year for renewal. Groups should review their mission/goals each year to revitalize their activities. Check to see if your By-Laws are in line with your current procedures (changes require announcement to membership of changes and the procedure for and date of voting). Keep a running notebook with your minutes (minimum 4 meetings), activities, bylaws, etc. Steps 5 and 6 also apply to current affiliates. Contact your Regional Liaison or VP for Chapters with any questions. MAGC wants to continue to help your chapter by maintaining a supportive communication link.



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